Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Second Day of Presentations

From the fuel cells group I learned that when hydrogen is burned it turns back into water which is very environment friendly. I also learned that space explores are already using wearable computer technology.
Wearable computers--> space explorers are already using this technology

Filtering software--> libraries have to use filtering to get federal funding

VoIP--> most VoIP services are free, no long distance fees

Online smell-o-vision--> hackers would use this technology to create inappropriate smells

Driverless cars--> could be seen on the road in the next 15-20 years

GPS--> there are 27 satellites orbiting the earth

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Presentations Day 1

From the nanotechnology group I learned that nanotechnology could be used in the future to create a "superhuman". From ththe carnivore presentation I learned that it is a program created FBI to monitor the internet for suspect activities such as terrorism, espionage, child pornography, ect. From the RFID group I learned that tags can be either active or passive. And from the National ID presentation I learned that
national ID's would cost American taxpayers $4 billion to implement.